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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another OEA teachers union member arrested

Police arrested Lake Oswego High School's swim coach Friday on multiple counts of sexual abuse accusing him of habitually groping young swimmers at club practice and swim meets. Donald John King, 65, who also coaches privately, was arrested by Lake Oswego and Albany police Friday afternoon after parents presented video of his behavior to authorities.

King - who has passed school background checks and has been the subject of parents' complaints for groping - is charged with abusing at least five student swimmers at an Albany meet last weekend. Some are under the age of 14, said Capt. Michael Hammons of the Lake Oswego Police Department.

"It's disturbing - it looks from the video like he's rubbing their bottoms and crotches," Hammons said. "We know that at one point a father did accost him and say 'Don't you ever do that again.' But apparently other parents aren't paying that much attention. As you know, people like this tend to groom their victims, and it's quite possible in this case that he groomed the parents as well."

King is a longtime coach, and owner of King Swimming of Lake Oswego, Ore., Hammons said.

Lake Oswego School District Superintendent Bill Korach said King is the Lake Oswego High School swimming coach and is employed by the district as a lifeguard in addition to his swim club, which uses the school district pool.

Korach said King passed two background checks before he got the coaching position.

"He is currently on suspension pending the results of the investigation," Korach said.

Anyone with information about the case should contact Lake Oswego Police at 503-635-0250 during the day and 503-635-0238 at night.