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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gov't union strike: Private school principal murdered

The principal of a private school who was shot in Alberton on Gauteng's East Rand has died of his wounds. It's believed that the shooting is related to the ongoing South African government unions' strike.

It is believed that the principal was lured away from the school and shot in front of his house a few hundred metres away. Private schools in the area have been warned not to continue classes.

Teachers union Naptosa in KwaZulu-Natal says it condemns the intimidation of learners and teachers who are not participating in the national strike. Thavan Reddy, the deputy provincial chairperson, says in as much as they support the strike, they are deeply concerned about the negative impact the strike is having on schooling and health services. He says they are also concerned about the financial impact of the strike.

Reddy says they want to reach a settlement, but it will have to satisfy their members. "We want to end the strike, we want things to normalise; we totally abhor any intimidation or violence, we want a peaceful end to all this and we hope at today's negotiations that will take place later in the afternoon, some amicable solution can be reached."